I am big on a lot of sports, probably the most vocal I have been for are roller skating and basketball. In fact, this entire blog is made up of those two sports. Also, my apologies for not being able to update this site like I wanted to. I have been so caught up with my job and other things that I actually forgot I ran this for a second. 😛

But today I wanted to talk about why I got into roller skating and basketball, and some other sports I involve myself in. I am very active and couldn’t imagine just sitting on a computer all day. The sports world is where I have the most fun in, and that is why I like to spend my time there. Plus, it’s healthy for the heart too!


I have been a skater girl for the longest time. I am 26 now, so it seems weird when people see me out in the streets or park skating on my blades, but it happens and people will have to learn to deal with it. I actually used to ride a skateboard back in the day, but that got less interesting as I felt not enough people felt my passion. Honestly, roller skating isn’t that much more different, considering there are not many people that skate these days anymore anyway.

I used to skate back and forth to school every day, and even when I found roller blades, I did the same thing. Riding bikes felt too easy. I loved being in control of where I was headed, and using my own legs to power me through with wheels felt amazing. Plus the calf strength I get from skating is extremely beneficial for other sports like basketball, which I delve into below.


Ball is life, man. I actually did not grow up with basketball in my life, only getting involved in it when my friends invited me. But now I play professionally overseas for an up and coming league, so I would say it all worked out. The pay is nothing fancy. I am not in the WNBA, so it is not like I get paid a ton. Still, I love what I do. The grind is fair, not too much by any means. I mean, I play ball for fun so what is a few practice days and game days here and there.

But now that I look at it, basketball and skating is just a weird combination, but let me tell you first hand that it works. Skating forces you to find balance with your body, and surprisingly it works a lot of the same mechanics that basketball requires of you. For example, core strength is a big one. It doesn’t seem like it, but skating actually works a lot of your core strength, since you are maintaining your center of gravity meanwhile trying to accelerate forward and steering and all that. Well, having that core mobility helps in basketball as well, since now I have plenty of agility to move around the court and jump up while also maintaining control of my body.

Another example is leg strength, which I already mentioned. Roller skating is practically all legs, and guess what, basketball is essentially all legs as well, save for the shooting part. I still do squats and deadlifts, but I feel roller skating gives me the balance and explosiveness that helped me succeed while playing. I mean, check out these benefits if you don’t believe me.


Believe it or not, I play horseshoes as well. I first found about it when my best friend Aubrey introduced it to me, back when I came over to her family’s house in the US. I am actually going to visit her some time soon!

Horseshoes is a very relaxing game, even though it could get quite competitive. Basically, you have two people and each take turns trying to shoot the horseshoe, which is the item that you are actually throwing, onto the stake, which is the pole thing you are aiming for. It is a relaxing game to play in your back yard because it is so slow-paced, which is great for me because I have two sports already that require great intensity.

I started collecting my own horseshoe sets and found it was a good hobby as well as playing the game. To note, this buyer’s guide is a good list I recommend if you are starting out and want to actually purchase a good set of budget horseshoes. I actually brought some of those sets with me as I introduce a few of my overseas teammates to the game. It makes for a pretty good team-building activity. My favorite set is the one I don’t let them touch, as Aubrey gave it to me and I use it to remember her. We live pretty far apart but I do see her and her family soon, so that is a very good positive.